Energy Transfer Partners is a Fortune 500 natural gas and crude oil company – they rose to infamy as #1 in the industry for accidents, and for human rights abuses committed against water protectors in Standing Rock, ND. Bayou Bridge Pipeline would be a 163 mi. crude oil pipeline from Lake Charles → St. James, crossing 700 waterways + destroying 600 acres of wetlands. The pipeline would go a minimum 3 ft underground, and 32 feet under Bayou Lafourche, the drinking water source for 300,000 people, including the United Houma Nation Bayou Bridge would be part of a network of crude oil pipelines, starting with Dakota Access Pipeline and connected via the Trunkline Pipeline. ETP is also currently constructing the Rover Pipeline and Mariner East 1 + 2. Our aligned communities are responding to these proposed projects with fierce resistance. From Standing Rock, to the Two Rivers Camp in Texas to the White Pine blockade in Pennsylvania, people are rising up to #StopETP. Learn more about the fight to take down Energy Transfer Partners by checking out