On Friday, February 23, Federal District Judge Shelly K. Dick issued a temporary injunction halting construction of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline to “prevent further irreparable harm” to the Atchafalaya Basin. In response, the L’eau Est La Vie Camp Advisory Council reacts:

One year ago today, we remember when Oceti Sakowin camp was raided, and thinking of our Water Protectors and the needed healing of that trauma. The land at Standing Rock has healed herself now. That is a lesson from our Mother Earth, Unci Maka. She is demonstrating for us how to heal from the raid, from the witnessing of her raping by the Dakota Access Pipeline, of grave sites, artifacts, medicines, ceremonial items, sweat lodges and traditional homes that were defiled and destroyed.

We took this year to grieve those losses, and to continue the prayer that was started at Standing Rock. This was not only for our work here to stop the Bayou Bridge Pipeline, but for an end to the violence of extraction all over the country.

It is time to let go of that grief, to call our spirits back to the frontline, and to do what our mother earth, Unci Maka, has demonstrated. We can do this, and there is no time like now.

It is significant that this news comes to us on this day. One year later, and the prayers to stop the black snake have been answered – the tail end of DAPL, the BBP has been halted.

The fight will continue, and we will not end our prayerful resistance until the Bayou Bridge Pipeline is halted for good.

Yea, today is Ata kili!!