If you remember, over the last few months TigerSwan has been using fake social media propaganda to hopefully smear the names of resistance camps across the nation that are peacefully resisting against fossil fuels.

We saw this tactic take place in both North Dakota & Iowa, with literally pathetic attempts by an entity “Allen Rice” (Actual name: Robert Rice from Raleigh, North Carolina. In the videos, Rice tried to paint the picture of Water Protectors as violent thugs. Once The Intercept released documents showing that the page Rice was operating from, was an outlet of TigerSwan, Rice deleted videos showing his face while trying to denounce the movement.

Now, the exact tactics are taking place within Pennsylvania and Louisiana by this man, “Josh Baker”/”Brent Williamson”. The man is posing as a member of both communities, trying to provide the same tactics as both the pages focused on North Dakota and Iowa. He is trying to spread false information, painting the camps Camp White Pine &L’eau Est La Vie Camp as violent, even tho neither camp have had any interactions with the pipeline, nor law enforcement. 

I will not give either of the pages any publicity, as there is no point to drag attention to 2 weak ass pages with 100 followers (if that) each. I just want to make you all aware that these pipelines are still at work, doing their dirty deeds, to try and spread false information for profit over people tactics.

You will be exposed, just like Richard Rice.